🏦 Grom's Bank

"This wise man observed that wealth is a tool of freedom. But the pursuit of wealth is the way to slavery."


Once you enter Grom's Bank, you will be able to stake DCAR or mint a limited edition NFT that will emit a particular amount of DCAR.

Token Swap

Swap tokens through Grom's bank. Exchange DCAU and DCAR tokens.

DCAR Staking

By staking your DCAR with Grom's Bank, you will earn a share of platform revenues in the form of DCAR and DCAU (dual rewards!).

Dragon Nest NFT Staking

Exclusive and highly limited NFT series that can be staked within Grom's bank to acquire a percentage of platform revenue. Dragon Nest Supporter rewards include DCAR and DCAU yield generation and 1% on every sale in the platform NFT marketplace. Dragon Nest Supporter holders become life-long shareholders in Dragon Crypto and benefit from special Dragon Nest offerings.