Gameplay & Game Mechanics

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The Plains

Vast and dangerous regions just outside of the township of Dragon's Haven. Head out to fight monsters that threaten the safety of the kingdom, gather resources, complete story-driven quests and find magical loot.

The Healer’s Hut

An essential service for battle-weary adventures to regain their strength and live to fight another day.

The Mines

Located in deep, foreboding underground caverns where the intrepid explorer may find valuable resources and long-forgotten treasures, though danger lurks where you are least expecting it. Will you survive?

The Deep Woods

Ancient, mystical forests as old as time hold many secrets. Few who have dared to venture in have returned. Those who do speak of wonders nigh incomprehensible by the mortal mind.

The Deadlands (COMING SOON)

Once the fabled nesting ground of the dragons, these blighted lands bore witness to many desperate battles between the dragons and the human invaders. Now only the most nightmarish of creatures call it home.

🏰 The Township of Dragon Haven

The Wild Boar Inn

Players can rest & refresh their turns, get special boosts from the bard's songs, hire a mercenary (rent NFTs), or head to the backroom to try their luck at the minigames (coming soon).

The Marketplace

The trading hub of the town, where you can buy and sell items from merchants or other players.

The Grom’s bank

The financial center of Dragon Haven, where players can earn staking rewards and a share of game revenue, acquire $DCAR bonds, and check their passbook (just like a real bank).

The Hero’s Stash

Your personal deposit, from where you can collect the loot of battles and mined/gathered resources, rewarded $DCAU and $DCAR. It optimizes blockchain interaction, saving gas fees and reducing transactions.

The Crafters Guild

It's a marketplace for crafters. Visit the guild to receive (or offer) crafting services. Now, you can use your blueprints to create recipes and repair items.

The Forge

Visit the forge and refine the ore gathered from the mines.

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