Sustainable tokenomics is at the heart of our ecosystem.

DCG recognizes that the primary value accrual mechanism to our community is our native token. To this end, our token emissions are carefully monitored to keep inflation in check. All tokens minted to the developer wallet are used for liquidity, marketing/partnerships, and ecosystem development.

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Our tokens work in synergy to power our ecosystem

What happens when a player spends $DCAU/$DCAR in the game?

For every in-game action expense, 5% is directed to the Ecosystem Fund, 20% is sent to the burn address, and 75% is redirected to the pool of in-game rewards.

Dragon Crypto Argenti (DCAR)

Revenue Sharing 💰

Stake DCAR to earn a share of platform revenues in the form of DCAU and DCAR rewards.

In-game Utility 🛠️

DCAR is required to purchase crafting materials and craft items in The Legend of Aurum Draconis. Future land ownership and the building will also use $DCAR.

Capped Supply and Controlled Emissions 📈

Only 40,000,000 DCAR will be emitted over 3 years from the token generation event (TGE) and will become deflationary through in-game burning mechanisms.

Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU)

Governance ⚖️

DCAU holders will be able to vote on various proposals, including those relating to the direction of our platform and the use of treasury funds for investments, reward boosts and buybacks.

In-game Utility 🛠️

Recruiting (minting) Heroes and transactions in our Hero NFT marketplace require DCAU. Tiny Dragons Arena has an entry fee paid in DCAU. Certain in-game actions such as using the Healer's Hut and resting at the Inn will also have a small cost in DCAU.

Fully minted 🔄

Max supply of 155,000 was reached as of December 2021. No more DCAU will be emitted. Nearly 1000 DCAU has already been burned.

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