In-game features & activities


Combat in the Legend of Aurum Draconis is turn-based, where turn order is determined by the Hero's Speed stat relative to the enemy's, and the higher the Hero's Speed stat, the higher the chance of landing the first hit. During combat, the Hero can choose from various attack options based on equipped items, and the Attack stat determines the damage dealt, which the Magic stat can further augment.

The Critical Hit Chance stat determines the likelihood of landing a critical hit, while the Health Points indicate the Hero's remaining life and can be increased by the Endurance stat. A higher Defense stat results in lower damage taken from enemy hits.

Crafting & Repairing

In Dragon Haven, crafting can be done by gathering resources from the mines and forest, with the amount and rarity determined by the gathering skill. Recycling equipment can also yield materials based on gathering and crafting skills. The quality and type of equipment made is determined by the crafting skill, with higher stats needed for better equipment. Crafting earns experience and allows players to avoid combat. Durability is a new stat for all items, and repairing has become a new game mechanic. Players can repair broken gear for rewards by posting bounties on the repair marketplace. The marketplace allows crafters to find the best deals and crafts for their skill level and materials. Crafting and repairing both cost DCAR, which goes to the rewards pool for players who explore the map. Combat can damage equipment, making the repair marketplace a necessity. Players can list items on the craft marketplace by choosing materials and extras and rewarding them wisely.


The Marketplace is an in-game, player-driven feature. Everything for sale is being sold by other players, as such, the community is what sets the price for items on the marketplace.

In the marketplace, costs are determined by the item type.

  • Armour, weapons, & accessory costs are in DCAU

  • Blueprints cost DCAU

  • Crafting material costs are in DCAR

  • Potions also cost DCAR

Each time an item is sold in the Marketplace, 5% of the fee goes to the treasury to support the development of The Legend of Aurum Draconis.

Keep in mind that Dragon Crypto Gaming has no control over prices in the marketplace. You are transacting with another player.

Healing & Resting

The Inn was established long ago as a refuge for the weary traveler, welcoming all to rest, drink and make merry. Many have come to appreciate the respite offered by this humble yet homely institution. Certain actions in the game, such as Searching the Plains, cost Turns. If you run out of Turns, such actions can no longer be initiated. You receive 10 turns every 24 hours. Your Turn gauge holds a maximum of 10 Turns. Resting at the Inn will replenish your Turn gauge completely.


Daily quests are given to players and these can reward you with nice loot, DCAU/DCAR, and XP, making them worthwhile to perform.

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