Tiny Dragons


Dragon Crypto Gaming’s inaugural series of utility NFTs, Tiny Dragons, was released in October 2021.

All 1000 were minted and sold out in minutes. They are currently available for secondary sale on our partner NFT marketplace, NFTrade. Tiny Dragons will continue to play an important role in our ecosystem.

Over a thousand matches have been played until January 2021.


Tiny Dragon owners can level up their beasts and battle for attractive prizes in our Tiny Dragons Arena minigame.

Coming to you soon...

Tiny Dragons Arena - Partnership Battles ⚔️

Our NFT Partners will be able to deploy their NFTs to battle with Tiny Dragons, increasing community engagement and utility for their NFT series. This will also see improved gaming mechanics where you will be able to choose your tactics for battle and will no longer be first hit wins. This arena will be integrated into the main game map.

Tiny Dragons Lab 🔬

Users will also be able to splice the DNA of their Tiny Dragons in our upcoming Tiny Dragons Lab for rare and valuable attributes which they can either keep or resell in our own NFT marketplace or external platforms, then combine them using DNA to create your ultimate Tiny Dragon! Stay tuned!

Tiny Dragons Adventures 🏕️

Send your Tiny Dragon on an adventure and find DNA, resources and loot that can be used in The Legend of Aurum Dracons and Tiny Dragons Lab.
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