Learn how to acquire and use your Dragon Crypto Hero NFT

An NFT avatar is required to play The Legend of Aurum Draconis.

The higher your rank/rarity, the more starting stats you get to spend. This character gains experience and levels through the game. As you level up, you receive new stat points to increase your avatar's value and chances of winning.

To enter the world of Aurum Draconis, you will need to own at least one Dragon Crypto Hero NFT. They are minted in series depending on the demand and development of the game, but most of the time can be found on the secondary marketplaces on the Avalanche Blockchain:

How to choose a hero?

The Dragon Crypto Hero NFT collection is divided into different series differentiated by aesthetic and in-game features. The difference between the two series, Genesis and Corruption, can be found in the tables below;

In each series, heroes can be divided by rarity and rank, giving the different initial amount of points to be distributed to various skills in the game.

💡 When Hero NFT is transferred/sold from one wallet address to another, the stats do not reset. They are tied to the Hero ID.

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🎮 Now, you are all set for the gameplay!

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